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Yoga& Meditation

Moving your body, beeing fully present and simply beeing within it is a beautiful way to take care of it and honour it. Letting your mind relax and breathe will nuture and make your mind creative with new experiences. Coming home to yourself, dancing to your soul and listening to your inner wisdom is what will expand your beeing and guide you to your true potential.

Yoga is a great teaching which teaches to unite and in the union we are all one with the universe and all magic that it contains.


"Just like I've been traveling the world I found yoga to be a journey within" - Sofie


SCHEDULE Fall 2020

8.00- 8.50 Yoga, Breath & Flexibility
(Tylösand Spa)

9.00-9.25 Hot Yoga (Tylösand Spa)

Hot Morning
(Yoga Institutet)

Yoga & Self- development 
8weeks 3sep-22oct
(Sense of Shanti)

NEWS! Opening up one more class ,
Yoga & Self-development 
8weeks  29oct-17dec
(Sense of Shanti)

Yoga & Healing for Women
6weeks 12nov-17dec
(Sense of Shanti)

Hot Morning
(Yoga Institutet)

Warm Flow Afterwork
(Yoga Institutet)

9.00- 10.15
Warm Vinyasa Flow
(Yoga Institutet)

10.45- 11.45
Warm Yin & Yang
(Yoga Institutet)

9.30- 10.30
Hot Athletic Flow
(Yoga Institutet)


Yoga & Self- development 

During 8weeks we will practice Yoga combined with self- development practices such as visualization, meditation and reflection excersises. Each class is designed to create space for you to connect to you inner wisdom, higher self and intuition. This is for you who wants to connect to yourself, grow, heal and live the life of you dreams. It all starts with you and beeing true to who you are and who you want to be, I believe in you and the transformation of growth. 

Place, Halmstad Sens of Shanti 
Time, 17.30 - 19.00 
When, Thursday - start 3 sep 2020 to 22 october 2020 *FULL BOOKED*

NEWS! Opening up one more Class, 29oct - 17dec 2020
Investment, 1800kr

Sign up, sofiesimonsson1@gmail.com

* Taught in Swedish 

Yoga & Healing for Women

When the wounds are on the inside, deep inside longing to be healed we tend to them with love and care just like we would if they were visible. Our energetic body can carry wounds from the past, memories, traumas and past hurts. During these 6weeks we will explore and go within the field of healing through Yoga and practices such as forgiveness, sharing, meditation and energetic healing with Reiki. It’s an intimate class were all feelings are encouraged to be expressed and felt. We share the space with love and compassion for ourselves and our sisters. There will be room for you to express, feel and share what’s on your heart and deep within your soul. You are free to let go of what no longer is yours to carry or what has never been yours to hold on to. Freedom lives in the space of love. You are love. 

Limited space, for women only. 

Place, Sens of Shanti, Halmstad
Date, 1oct - 5nov 2020 (6 weeks) or 12nov- 17dec 2020 (6weeks)
Day, Thursday
Time, 19.30-21.00
Investment, 1350kr

Sign up, sofiesimonsson1@gmail.com

* Taught in Swedish

Yoga Institutet

Yoga classes at Yoga Institutet in Halmstad, Sweden

Wednesday, 7.00-8.05 Hot Morning
Friday,           7.00-8.05 Hot Morning 
                        17.15-18.15 Warm Flow Afterwork
Saturday,     9.00-10.15 Warm Vinyasa Flow
                       10.45-11.45 Warm Yin & Yang
Sunday,        9.30- 10.30 Hot Athletic Flow

More info & book at www.yogainstitutet.com 

Tylösand Spa


Yoga classes at Tylösand Spa in Halmstad, Sweden 

Time, 8.00 -8.50 Yoga, breath & flexibility
           9.00- 9.25 Hot Yoga
When, Monday start 3august 2020

More info & book at www.tylosand.se

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