Mental Coaching

I offer Mental Coaching to Athletes, aspiering athletes and surfers around the globe.

Together working on your mental strenght, emotions, goals and overall mental health with an holistic approch where all parts of you is considered and embraced. Do you want to develop skills, understand yourself better, learn new skills and performe in align with your goals then Mental Coaching is for you. 

How can Mental Coaching benifit me?

- Goal setting & clarifying your dreams
- Adapt and see different perspecitve 
- Safe space to express yourself, your feelings, thoughts and what you are going through
- Mental training skills
- Coping and understanding the roots of stress, anxiety, thoughts and emotions
- Practicing relaxation, focus, vizualisation
- Develop confident, rutines and valuble tools that works for you 
- Performe in alignment with your goals

Is there a plan?

I offer individual coaching plans where I tailor it to your specific needs.


1h x Mental Coaching Session 1200SEK
10h x Mental Coaching Sessions 9 000SEK
Full season/ year Mental Coaching Session * Inquire about price


All sessions will be held online on ZOOM.

* Mental Coaching on competions and trainings specific inquire is needed


Contact me or send an email to


- This can be done in both Swedish and English

- Book a free introduction 15min session