Okey, so I'm just going to start and tell you all how you HAVE TO visit western Australia! It's a must! I can not beleive more people havent told me that? It's so beautiful, clean and friendly. I love the coast line with empty beaches and clear blue water, waves and wind. WA is the perfect place for watersport and roadtrips with friends. 

Team Blue Planet (Skyla, Nathan, Ty and I) went over for the Down wind week. We had such a great time together, explored and paddled every day. First competiton was "The Doctor" which Nathan and Ty entered , it was super windy and they paddle 27km from Rottnest Island to main land. I'm so proud of them both, they did so well and their positivity and passion inspired me so much. 

During the week we had plenty of wind in the afternoons and we all went paddling down wind. Perfect conditions along the coast do down wind and catch those bumps. I paddled on my bump racer 14' x 25 and had a blast, specially when the bump got bigger it surfs really well. Nathan and Skyla went on a new prototype thats designed for smaller bumps and towards an all arounder, which means ocean and flat water. They were having a great time on that model, Nathan connected the bumps so well and Skyla was flying on those bumps for beeing her first time, she's such an talented waterwoman and I'm lucky to surf and paddle with her. Ty paddled on a ocean board, duggout he was super fast and thaought me so many things about connecting bumps. I'm blessed paddling with these great athletes. 

Race day of "the king of the cut" was hot and not so windy, but thats competiton, you have to prepair your self for anything and as my coach Brenden says "think of yourself as a paddler" which refers to not beeing only a flat water, or ocean paddler, or down wind paddler, but to be a paddler. King of the cut had some talented and amzing athletes and it was a great experience for me doing my first race that long, 24km. I caught some bumps in the first 5km then I struggled so much I couldnt find any small bumps to get on to and paddle the rest like a flat water paddle. Best thing is that I kept my head focused and felt happy and good all the way. I did fell in when I saw my first ever flying fish, but that was totaly worth turning my head for! Congratulations to all competitiors, huge thank you to Blue Planet, Team Blue Planet, Roxy, friends and the event organisation. I can't wait to be back for 2018!


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Dreams do come true! This year in October I teamed up with Blue Planet SUP and I couldnt be happier. I'm really excited about joining team Blue Planet and starting this great new adventure together. Representing a great brand with awsome friends just makes it the best. I really like how Blue Planet boards are made for surfing, you can tell by riding them that shapes are made by a passionated surfer. Going in to both surfing and racing, wokring together with these clever people I'm excited for what the future brings.

These coming years I will, together with Team Blue Planet travel around the world, competing, traning and sharing it with you all. To read more about Blue Planet SUP and my team mates visit www.blueplanetsup.com.au . Thank you Blue Planet for believing in me and making me a part of the family. ' Let the adventure begin ' .


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So this event was really special for me, as it always is but this time my whole family came to support me and ofcourse also to cheer on the worlds atheltes. I just want to start and give my family millions of thank you, I know they know who incredible happy I am that they came. It really means the world to me to have your support and love no matter what I'm doing and for you to travel to one of my biggest passions means everything for me. Thank you my lovley family, love you more then words can say. 

This event in Denmark started of in the heart Copenhagen with a beautiful parade on the streets leading towards the opening ceremony that was held in front of the operahouse. It's one of my favourite things at this event, seeing all different flags, meeting people, singing, dancing and then ending it with the sand ceremony, where all countires poor sand from back home in to this one container to symbolise that we are one.

After that it was full on action with distance race and sprint, and oh my was this fun to watch? The curse started outside the operahouse and then it went in to the canals and did so for four laps. We "the cheerleading squad" ran around the island, cheering, screeaming and photograped everyone. It was so much fun beacuse we could get real close to them when they went under bridges or past the dock, we had such a great time! The sprint race was on the other hand a nailbiter, I almost fell in the water of excitment! It was just an amazing vibe to it all and the level is so high and you just get so much motivation and inspiration that you feel like doing it all at once. Hands up to everyone that organized this event, it was just outstanding.

One of the highlights was that this year ISA SUP worlds had by far the most athlets and countries regested. 286 athletes from 42 nations travled across the world to this event, it's absolutly amazing, I love seeing this sport grow! 

During the week Technical race and surfing was on and we had all travled across Denmark to this little fishing village, Vorupör. With empty beaches and fishermen it was a really cool event sight and to combine the two, busy city center and remote cold beach was epic. Technical race is my absolut favourite to watch, athletes are getteing ready on the beach, bursting out lap after lap, waves and boyuturns, so entertaining. Maya wrote history when she as a first swedish stand up paddler racer reach the final, the happiness was total, tears, screems and just pure joy! 

During the surf competiton we had all sorts of conditions. It started out really small beacuse the wind had just started to bring us some waves. It got really wind towards the end of the day and it was hard surfing in those conditons that we had the first day. Luckliy the second day gave us beautiful clean waves to compete in. I was really unhappy with my performace, and got to surf ine heat beacuse we didnt have any repercharge, but I learnt alot, and I know what I did wrong. As much as I would have loved to compete more I really enjoyed watching all the talented surfers, it just feels like I'm in heave when I get to be around surfers from all around the world. It was a really long and icecold day at the beach but it was worth freezing your ass off. 

We finished the event with our team relay, and that was so much fun. I got to do one lap with the prone baord and feel more and more comfterble after these few times I've done it. I think the team relay is a really fun thing to embrace our amazing team spirit we all have. 

Last but not least. It's been an amazing event and I am so greatful and proud to be a part of it all. It is something very special to compete for your country and to gather together with the world as one. To all my friends new and old, hope to see you all next year! 

Vist my FB @sofiesimonssonathlete to see more pics from the event


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It's been a while since we had the European Championship in Portugal, but I still want to write a bit about it. Once again the European surfing federation did a great job organizing the second Euro SUP. I love this event, last year we had a great time together and this year was no exeption! All contries were so positive and happy to be at this event, all of us was really amped to get the competition started. 

I had a rough start against Spain and Germany, ended up in repercharge, and from there I went all the way to the big final. I surfed safe the whole competition, I didnt do anything extra which was a bit boring but it also says a lot about where I am in my surfing, I am kind of inbetween. I havent managed to do this big top turns, barrels and roundhouse. What I have done in this 3 years is bulding a foundation and understaning for surfing, but it takes time coming from no ocean experince to becoming a great surfer, and I am willing to put in all that time of trying until that one day I know how to do it! In the final I really competed in that way I was tactical, I had a lot of fun during the comp and its no secret I love to compete!

I came to this Championship with one goal, to defend my bronze medal since last year. It was a different situation from what I have been before, and it sure gave me a bit more pressure, but I know all girls are awsome and one competiton doesnt define you it only showes what you can bring at that specific time. I was beyond stoked to find myself taking home that bronze medal for Sweden! "If you do it twice, you really have earned it."

Level of the girls was amazing, Spain took home gold, France silver, Sweden bronze and Germany 4th. Denmark, Wales, England and Portugal they all gave it a good fight! I know I have to step it up for next year, beacuse these ladies are on fire! Stoked to see this great dedication and development from SUP girls and hoping we will grow as a community around the world!

Team Sweden did a great performance over all and I am so porud and happy to be a part of it all. I want to thank the Swedish team and all of our sponsors, also want to say thank you to my personal sponsors for believing in me. To my family and friends thank you for all your support, it means the world!

and now.. It's two more weeks until we have the SUP surf selection to the ISA World Championship in Denmark, it's only 24 more days before the worlds begin and I know this one is going to be special. Exctied for the SUP wolrd coming together again and surifng in Denmark for the first time will be great! See you all there! 


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One week ago I left Australia and the Sunshine coast to travel back to Europe for the European Championship 2017. I have had the most amazing time there, I've met friends for life and I have finally found what feels like my second home. I love the water culture and outdoor lifestyle and I am so incredible greatful for everyone I've met and all help I've gotten from the SUP community on the sunshine coast. I will be back in Australia late September this year and I will spend my summer in Sweden training and aming on qualify to ISA World Champinship (in Denmark) later this year. 

But now I'm in Portugal, Peniche pre competition surfing to get to know the spots and waves. This is my first time in Portugal and it's very different to where I've been before. The nature, scenery is beautiful, high cliffs on the shore, crystal clear water and charming old towns. We are staying in Baleal close to Peninche where the competition site is. 

The competiton will be held at Mohlo Leste/ Supertubos, it's a long beach with many peaks and fast waves. We saw Supertubos the day we arrived really fiering, it was big and a very heavy shorebreak, barreling and super cool to see, I've never seen anything like it before. We've been surfing different peaks along that beach and we have had super fun sessions in pretty small conditons. Water is really cold and I couldn't feel my feet the first 30min but luckily I have my 3.2 Roxy wetsuit to keep me warm and comfy! Swell is picking up this afternoon and hopefully it's going to be great conditons for the competiton that starts next week, 6 of june. I am very excited for the competitons and to meet all great competitors from all over Europe! 


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Noosa heads is home to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world, first point. The SUP surf competition was held at that beautiful spot with a nice peeling rigth handed wave. Conditions was small waves and clean and we had a great time competing. 

We were six women competeing in the final, all girls were ripping that wave. I had a slow start, sitting to wide of the point, but maneged to take two scoring waves that got me up to a 3rd place. Winner was Sasha Kauhane from Hawaii, second Shakira Westdorp from Australia, they were ripping and congratulations to all girls!

So happy to start my surf season with finishing 3rd at Noosa festival of surfing. It's a big dream of mine to surf in a surf contest in the land of surfing. I can't really beleive it, that I made it this far. If someone would come up to me, 3 years ago and say "Sofie, three years from now you are going to be a competitive surfer, competing around the world, finishing 3rd in a competition in Australia" I would never believe them, but I would secretly hope with my whole heart that they were telling me the truth. 


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Pic by Diane Tunnington
Pic by Diane Tunnington
Where to begin.. what an EPIC weekend at the Noosa festival of surfing! Great event, well organized and just amazing, packed with great athletes! I went in to this weekend with no experience in the SUP race part, didn't really know what to expect but I'm so happy I entered beacuse I have learned so much!

Distance race was defenetly the hardest one for me mentaly, I havent done much long distance and during the race I just started to drift off in my mind to how hard it was, and right there, when I lost my focus I lost it all. I finished the race and I just thought never again, but it took me about an hour and then I started thinking of what to practice and how to become better. It's not always about having fun, pushing your limits, wokring hard for what you want is not always easy and fun, and that goes for everything in life. With that in mind I know how rewarding it is to push your limits and go after challanges. The race was beautiful along the points of Noosa heads, we did 14km, two laps of one course. Trevor Tunnington impressed me with an outstanding sprint, before the last turn he was around nineth and the next time I saw him he was 3rd and finished that way too, super impressive by these great athletes here! I finished on 1:41:52 so let's work hard and push our limits!

Technical race was so much fun! I absolutly loved it even tho it was super tough! I really like the variation in the race, we had to paddle around two bouy and then catch a wave in to shore, run on the beach, five laps. This keept my mind bussy and I really like that, I was smiling everytime running up on the beach hearing my friends cheer on me, loved that wibe. It's also so much fun, everyone was competing together which created a lot of happenings during the race, people were falling off, catching the same waves, paddling in to eachother. It's the kind of race were everything can happen, it's action! I finished on 29:55 super happy to try this out and finding myself really enjoying it!

Finished on a 7th overall this weekend according to supracer.com, and I'm super stoked! Best part of it all is that I know exactly what I need to practice for the upcoming events. Hoping to enter some of the Eurotour competitons this year, so I better continue my training. 


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So I did my first big race competiton this Saturday and I had so much fun doing it! Before I arrived to Australia and the Sunshine cost I decided to change my mind regarding SUP racing. To be honest I didn't see the fun in it, no waves, big board that cost a lot of money, no I rather spend that time on my surfing. But I have watched the international SUP surfers and talked to many of them and they all say one thing, your racing will improve your surfing, your surfing will improve your racing. I do agree, beacuse when I watch SUP racers paddle out on their SUP surfboards I can tell a difference, they paddle with a lot of dedication and paddle tecnuiqe, something I haven't precticed at all. And it turned out to be great fun SUP racing!

I also decided that this year I will spend as much time on the water as I can to learn more about the ocean and water, on different typs of boards, surfing, paddling, swimming, anything really. I am so inspired by waterwomen and men, and that is also the reason I moved to Australia to be a part of this amazing culture they have here, and I have never felt more at home. 

Back to 12Towers and my first big race, this race was a down winder wich means you have the wind in your back and try to catch and ride the bumps out in the open ocean. I've only tried it two times before, so this race was my 3rd try and we had some epic conditions wich just made it so much fun to paddle. The race started in Rainbow bay, nearly 200 competitiors made their way out to the starting line, I was all teared up feeling so blessed to be a part of this great event. For a Swedish girl like me, dreaming of beeing a part of a surf/water culture in the land of surf Australia, it truly was a big moment. 

I paddle out, lined up with only two people in front of me and the horn went off, we started sitting on our boards and then off we went. The race course was 14km long but it didn't feel that long due to our good conditions. I paddled and maneged to catch bumps and ride them, in my head I thought of ctaching the small bumps leading up to the bigger bumps. It takes a lot of ocean knowledge and its a diferent way of thinking than catching waves. I ended up going to wide and had to paddle a long way in to Burleigh heads, finished at 6 place on 1h 26min, 20min after the fastes girl. I smiled the whole time and I had so much fun during the race, and I'm very happy with my performance. Coming in to shore, catching the last wave and then running towards the finishline with my SUP mate from traning I was just so happy! Congratuated all my friends at the beach for finishing the race, they are so strong paddlers!

Finished off the event with price ceremony and food, and the raodtrip home with outstanding singing and dancing! My deepest Thank you to my amazing friends here at Sunsine coast who have taken me in, making me one of the SUP family here, teaching me everything I know about SUP racing, I can't thank you enough!



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Pic by Gjerluff
Pic by Gjerluff
I got invited to go on a surf trip with Marocko experten to Morocco. Super happy to go back to Morocco and this time SUP surfing. Morocco is a beautiful country with a lot to offer the one that traveles there. Culture is different and colorful, food is tasty and the waves are magical. 

We were a crew of 20 people and a mix of SUP surfers, surfers, photographers, reporters and travel organizer. Only after a coulpe of hours we all felt like a big family. I met the most amazing friends and we had such a good time together! 

Started of in Sidi- Kaouki where we lived right on the beach. Small village with surfing as the main thing. When we arrived we had some heavy waves on the beach and strong current, but we could defenetly see the potential for both surfing and windsports. The next day we drove offroad to this magical point break, and to you who loves right, well Morocco is paradise, right point breaks everywhere! Had to climbe down a steap hill to get to this beautiful little bay and we had an amazing morning surf. 

Traveled along the cost and stoped in Imsouane, such a great village with two nice and different spots. One more protected then the other, where the waves rapped around the point and was a perfect beginner spot. The other spot was mor straight on, open and had some more power. Great spot with stunning views, I can really recomed that place if you want to get away from touristy Taghazout. 

We finsihed in Taghazout, well knowned surfspot in Morocco and it delivered great surf, perfet waves, point breaks and beach breaks. We had a glassy morning surf to finsih off the tripp, and not much beats a session at sunrise with friends.

Morocco is a perfect destination for surfing, I'm going back, and thats for sure! Biggest thank you to Marocko experten/ Marokko eksperten for organizing this amazing trip and to the awsome crew, I can't wait until we meet again! 


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