2016 > 10

To one of the biggest competitions in SUP, surfing compition at Cloudbreak. Its really a once in a lifetime opportiunity and I am so greatful and stoked to be able to get the chanse to represent Sweden in this year, 2016 ISA World Championship. 

Cloudbreak on its own is a huge challenge for me, it's a World class wave, perfection and power, that's at least what I'm getting from watching pictures, movies, competitions and reading about it. Im very excited to surf it.

I have prepared by traning both body and mind. But it's very important to be able to train in waves like the once you actually are going to compete in, so it's time for training camp! Im so greatful for the support from my sponsors, coach, family and friends, and fellow athlets from all over the World. Im hoping for a great event and Im so exited to step in to next level of focus and traning. 



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