To be who you are. 
I truly believe in the uniqueness of you. 
I believe Love is the meaning of life. That Love is the purest and highest form of energy. 


Kindness is an act of love and through kindness I believe we can change the world. 


I belive in the universe, in spirit and all magical things. 

I believe no dreams are to big, if you heart is pure and your fire is burning you can live any dream you can dream.


We all carry the great potential to be our true self. We all do, no matter who you are or where you come from you have potential beyond your wildest dreams. 

sofie simonsson

2014 was the year I caught my first wave, the year when I finally found what I’ve been
looking for. Surfing brought out everything in me, all my feelings, my power and
determination. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to pursue a career in surfing.

By pursuing my dream and pushing my limits I want to inspire people to live their dreams.
I am very grateful for what surfing has given me, friendship, personal growth and an
opportunity to inspire.

In my career I have worked really hard to develop my skills in the
water but also out of the water. I’ve met a lot of people through the
sport and made important connections.

My brightest moments in my career so far have made history in Sweden and to my greatest
delight made an impact on the sport in Sweden and the kids.
I am a two time bronze medalist in the category ”SUP surf women” at the European Championship 2016 and 2017.
This makes me the first person to bring home a medal for Sweden in surfing. I was rewarded ”the best SUP athlete in Sweden” 2017 by the Swedish surfing federation and through the Swedish athletes gala they rewarded every international medal with a
amount of money going in to the kids development in our sport.
That is what motivates me, when I can make a difference.
Certified Life Coach Holistic, Sweden
Yoga teacher 100h (+200h in progress), Sweden 
Usui Reiki Master, Sweden
Sport Science, University, (in progress) Sweden
Coachning,University, Sweden
Sport instructor (Strength, cardio and strech), International