To be who you are. 
I truly believe in the uniqueness of you. 
I believe Love is the meaning of life. That Love is the purest and highest form of energy. 


Kindness is an act of love and through kindness I believe we can change the world. 


I belive in the universe, in spirit and all magical things. 

I believe no dreams are to big, if you heart is pure and your fire is burning you can live any dream you can dream.


We all carry the great potential to be our true self. We all do, no matter who you are or where you come from you have potential beyond your wildest dreams. 

sofie simonsson

My love for life, finding meaning in everything and following my heart has been a huge part of me since I can remeber. I have always believed that love is the meaning of life. Love, to me, is the highest and purest form of energy. I believe we are all energy and therefor we will always be. I believe in the universe, moon and stars. I believe in people like you and me. I believe we are here to spread the light and live a life full of love. I believe you are here for a reason, I believe in you and the expression that is unique to you. I believe in spirit, mind and body and that we need to tend to all three to live your fullest potential.

I express myself through spiritual arts, surfing and as an artist. My greatest joy in life is to feel free, travel and meet people like you. I love the meeting of souls, the connection and wisdom we all share. 

For you who wonder where I was born, I was born in a little coastal town called Halmstad in Sweden. I grew up with my family and friends. I started travel young because I had the longing to experience the world. I wanted growth and thought the best way was to travel, meet new people from different parts of the world that speaks a different language and live differently to me. I knew that growth started in the unknown. Traveling, living, working and studying around the world has been my greatest education for through that I have come to understand the most important thing, we are all made of love.  

I feel great passion for self-development and the discovery of one self. This is what makes my heart sing and my fire burn at the core of my being. I'm in love with deep feelings and off feeling it all. I'm in love with the magic of our souls and our true potential. I'm in love with the place where heaven meets earth, I'm in love with everything that is created and felt in our heart space. I truly believe in you and the greatness of who you are. It is in my highest purpose to guide and share knowledge around the world and working as a Coach gives me the fulfillment of living my purpose as a coach, teacher.

Through my adventures I have learned and gathered knowledge, love and understanding and that is what I want to share with you. I am holding and creating this space of love for you to come home to whenever you feel called to do so.

All my love,
Sofie Simonsson
Certified Life Coach Holistic, Sweden
Yoga teacher 100h, Sweden 
Usui Reiki Master, Sweden
Sport Science, University, second year, Sweden
Coachning,University, Sweden
Sport instructor (Strength, cardio and strech), International