ISA Worlds in Copencold Hawaii

So this event was really special for me, as it always is but this time my whole family came to support me and ofcourse also to cheer on the worlds atheltes. I just want to start and give my family millions of thank you, I know they know who incredible happy I am that they came. It really means the world to me to have your support and love no matter what I'm doing and for you to travel to one of my biggest passions means everything for me. Thank you my lovley family, love you more then words can say. 

This event in Denmark started of in the heart Copenhagen with a beautiful parade on the streets leading towards the opening ceremony that was held in front of the operahouse. It's one of my favourite things at this event, seeing all different flags, meeting people, singing, dancing and then ending it with the sand ceremony, where all countires poor sand from back home in to this one container to symbolise that we are one.

After that it was full on action with distance race and sprint, and oh my was this fun to watch? The curse started outside the operahouse and then it went in to the canals and did so for four laps. We "the cheerleading squad" ran around the island, cheering, screeaming and photograped everyone. It was so much fun beacuse we could get real close to them when they went under bridges or past the dock, we had such a great time! The sprint race was on the other hand a nailbiter, I almost fell in the water of excitment! It was just an amazing vibe to it all and the level is so high and you just get so much motivation and inspiration that you feel like doing it all at once. Hands up to everyone that organized this event, it was just outstanding.

One of the highlights was that this year ISA SUP worlds had by far the most athlets and countries regested. 286 athletes from 42 nations travled across the world to this event, it's absolutly amazing, I love seeing this sport grow! 

During the week Technical race and surfing was on and we had all travled across Denmark to this little fishing village, Vorupör. With empty beaches and fishermen it was a really cool event sight and to combine the two, busy city center and remote cold beach was epic. Technical race is my absolut favourite to watch, athletes are getteing ready on the beach, bursting out lap after lap, waves and boyuturns, so entertaining. Maya wrote history when she as a first swedish stand up paddler racer reach the final, the happiness was total, tears, screems and just pure joy! 

During the surf competiton we had all sorts of conditions. It started out really small beacuse the wind had just started to bring us some waves. It got really wind towards the end of the day and it was hard surfing in those conditons that we had the first day. Luckliy the second day gave us beautiful clean waves to compete in. I was really unhappy with my performace, and got to surf ine heat beacuse we didnt have any repercharge, but I learnt alot, and I know what I did wrong. As much as I would have loved to compete more I really enjoyed watching all the talented surfers, it just feels like I'm in heave when I get to be around surfers from all around the world. It was a really long and icecold day at the beach but it was worth freezing your ass off. 

We finished the event with our team relay, and that was so much fun. I got to do one lap with the prone baord and feel more and more comfterble after these few times I've done it. I think the team relay is a really fun thing to embrace our amazing team spirit we all have. 

Last but not least. It's been an amazing event and I am so greatful and proud to be a part of it all. It is something very special to compete for your country and to gather together with the world as one. To all my friends new and old, hope to see you all next year! 

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