Noosa festival of surfing (part 2)

Noosa heads is home to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world, first point. The SUP surf competition was held at that beautiful spot with a nice peeling rigth handed wave. Conditions was small waves and clean and we had a great time competing. 

We were six women competeing in the final, all girls were ripping that wave. I had a slow start, sitting to wide of the point, but maneged to take two scoring waves that got me up to a 3rd place. Winner was Sasha Kauhane from Hawaii, second Shakira Westdorp from Australia, they were ripping and congratulations to all girls!

So happy to start my surf season with finishing 3rd at Noosa festival of surfing. It's a big dream of mine to surf in a surf contest in the land of surfing. I can't really beleive it, that I made it this far. If someone would come up to me, 3 years ago and say "Sofie, three years from now you are going to be a competitive surfer, competing around the world, finishing 3rd in a competition in Australia" I would never believe them, but I would secretly hope with my whole heart that they were telling me the truth. 


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