So I did my first big race competiton this Saturday and I had so much fun doing it! Before I arrived to Australia and the Sunshine cost I decided to change my mind regarding SUP racing. To be honest I didn't see the fun in it, no waves, big board that cost a lot of money, no I rather spend that time on my surfing. But I have watched the international SUP surfers and talked to many of them and they all say one thing, your racing will improve your surfing, your surfing will improve your racing. I do agree, beacuse when I watch SUP racers paddle out on their SUP surfboards I can tell a difference, they paddle with a lot of dedication and paddle tecnuiqe, something I haven't precticed at all. And it turned out to be great fun SUP racing!

I also decided that this year I will spend as much time on the water as I can to learn more about the ocean and water, on different typs of boards, surfing, paddling, swimming, anything really. I am so inspired by waterwomen and men, and that is also the reason I moved to Australia to be a part of this amazing culture they have here, and I have never felt more at home. 

Back to 12Towers and my first big race, this race was a down winder wich means you have the wind in your back and try to catch and ride the bumps out in the open ocean. I've only tried it two times before, so this race was my 3rd try and we had some epic conditions wich just made it so much fun to paddle. The race started in Rainbow bay, nearly 200 competitiors made their way out to the starting line, I was all teared up feeling so blessed to be a part of this great event. For a Swedish girl like me, dreaming of beeing a part of a surf/water culture in the land of surf Australia, it truly was a big moment. 

I paddle out, lined up with only two people in front of me and the horn went off, we started sitting on our boards and then off we went. The race course was 14km long but it didn't feel that long due to our good conditions. I paddled and maneged to catch bumps and ride them, in my head I thought of ctaching the small bumps leading up to the bigger bumps. It takes a lot of ocean knowledge and its a diferent way of thinking than catching waves. I ended up going to wide and had to paddle a long way in to Burleigh heads, finished at 6 place on 1h 26min, 20min after the fastes girl. I smiled the whole time and I had so much fun during the race, and I'm very happy with my performance. Coming in to shore, catching the last wave and then running towards the finishline with my SUP mate from traning I was just so happy! Congratuated all my friends at the beach for finishing the race, they are so strong paddlers!

Finished off the event with price ceremony and food, and the raodtrip home with outstanding singing and dancing! My deepest Thank you to my amazing friends here at Sunsine coast who have taken me in, making me one of the SUP family here, teaching me everything I know about SUP racing, I can't thank you enough!



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