First time I try Kitesurfing, thank you Kitekalle for making it happen! It was so much fun and I can't wait untilk next session!

I was so excited to finally get the chance to try it out. Beeing powered by the wind is something speical, and I really want to learn windsports! Number 1, beacuse when it's windy I want to play in the water too! 2, it is and looks like an incredible actionsport. 3, beeing powered by waves, water, wind is by far the most amazing feeling in the world. So there you go, 3 really good reasons to try it out! 

We started with safety check, witch is the most important part and then we started off with a small training kite. Oh wow its a different feeling , flying a kite, I had some problem with steering it and I had to think it's like steering a bike, beacuse I wanted to follow the direction insted of pulling it towards me. Calle, who is the owner of wakepark Halmstad was an awsome kite flyer and I was so stoked seeing him beeing such a talented kitesurfer for the very first time.

We progressed to the big kite and in to the water. 6degrees and it was a warm winter day, but we had all our winter suits on so we could stay in for 1.5h. We tried bodydrag before trying it with a board, all my focus was on flying the kite and surifng the board was not the focus but turned out working well, at least to the left, I have to practice my right. 

It's an amazing feeling beeing powered by the wind, and the kite, I'm so stoked! I want to practice more and so happy that I got introduce to this cool sport! Thank you once again Kitekalle!