Pic by Henrik Fahlen
Pic by Henrik Fahlen


I arrived in Fiji on the 30th of October, had a huge jetlag and when I slept it off its was nothing else in my mind then going out to surf Cloudbreak. 

I found a boat with 6 older guys, all surfed sinces forever, it was rainy and windy and really cold actually. It took us 45min by boat to get out to Cloudbreak, the world famous spot. They told me Cloudbreak got its name from when its big and breaking in the horizon it looks like a big white cloud that is breaking. As we got closer the judge tower rised in the middle of the sea, and infront of it, the cloud was breaking. 

I asked all questions I could think of before I jumped in the water. Butterflies in my stomach, dedicated to catch one wave, thats all I needed this big first day, one wave. I watched them surf, I paddle outside the linup to learn more about the break, and when I felt confident enough and had my check I entered the lineup. Its a very special feeling sitting out in the open ocean, seeing those big bumps out at sea coming closer, and out of nowhere a wall appears, the wave has hit the reef and are rising tall. It's like nothing I have ever seen before, its beautiful and intimidating at the same time. 

Is stood up, paddle in, and I DID IT!! I CAUGHT A WAVE!! I SURFED CLOUDBREAK! So happy, relifed and stoked!

Everyday since then we have surfed Cloudbreak, in many different conditions, bigger waves, smaller waves and I am learning so much about reefbreaks and Cloudbreak. Cloudbreak is challinging me and teaching me so much, and I am so greatful for this experience!

We've met some team and they are ripping, team Spain, England, Argentina, Denmark and Fiji, they are all dropping in to Fiji, getting ready for the ISA World Championship. Its an incredible event and to meet and surf with amazing athlets from all over the world is a dream. Today we also shared linup with Kelly Slater, and its no doubt that this is a world class wave. 

Five more days to go until the compition. And everytime I sit on the boat back to shore I'm longing for and can't wait until I'm back out there surfing again with my fellow athlets. 


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