Holistic Life Coach - Yoga teacher - Reiki Healer


Holistic Life Coaching

" You were born with greatness in your heart. Let love be your guiding light."

Together we will go deep within to find the answers you are seeking, bringing out your full potential, heal and develop, and map out the necesery steps you need to take in order to live a life full of love.

Interested in Holistic Life coaching, I am here for you.

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Yoga& Meditation

Moving your body, beeing fully present and simply beeing within it is a beautiful way to take care of it and honour it. Letting your mind relax and breathe will nuture and make your mind creative with new experiences. Coming home to yourself, dancing to your soul and listening to your inner wisodm is what will expand your beeing and guide you to your true potential.

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Reiki Healing


Reiki can be felt and experienced in different ways. Through this healing method the Reiki energy will flow where ever it's needed, may it be stress relief, unblocking stuck energy or connecting to your inner wisdom.  It is a way for you to allow your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being to rise and flourish.

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